The best day trips to Provins from Paris


you have visited Paris and want to go for an adventurous day trip, look no further than the Provins medieval town. It has been recognized as a world heritage site by French UNESCO. The city was initially established to accommodate annual trading fairs which linked the Mediterranean and Northern Europe. There is a lot to see in this town.

Places to Visit in Provins

Visits Paris

Plan to tour the Medieval Tunnels when you are on your day trip to Provins from Paris. You will learn a lot of Parisian history here. It’s a great idea to explore St Quiriace Catholic Church which was established in the 11th century. The building, which was once destroyed during World War II is truly iconic. The good news is that there is no entry fee.

Complete your day trip to Provins from Paris by visiting the well-known Ramparts of Provins (Remparts de Provins). You will have fun taking photos of the 22 towers in this destination and climbing up the iconic medieval Provins ramparts. Alternatively, you can visit the Caesar Tower which was constructed in the Roman eras (1150). Doing so is fun where you will have a chance to know the origin of its name and history.

What to do in Provins

If you love adventure and discovering new places, then Provins is the perfect place to tour. Here, you can spend your time visiting the idyllic Rose Garden, Souterrains underground passages, or the historic Tithe Barn. Alternatively, it is a great idea to experience the traditional French meals served in most hotels here. Looking for nightlife in Paris? Well, look no further than Provins.

Top Tips to select the best restaurant in Provins

There are a couple of excellent places to pick up a crepe or a sandwich for lunch in Provins. To select the best restaurant out of the plenty eateries, it is essential to choose a hotel that serves seasonal, locally sourced, and fresh ingredients in a quaint, tranquil environment.

These tips will come in handy:

Instead of having your lunch at a diner, eat out at a classy restaurant. They have more authentic cuisine and more affordable menus. Be keen on ratings and customer reviews when selecting an eatery. There are many different hotels in Provins. Conduct virtual visits which will help you make the ideal selection.

There are many reasons why visiting Provins is a perfect idea. Whether you want to experience French cuisine, tour some of the most popular destinations or go for nightlife fun, no single place compares to Provins.

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